About the Company

About the Company

Scaleter is a company that was established in 2016.

In 2017 we opened a new concrete element factory in Otepää.
Our main activity is producing concrete stairway elements (smooth mold surface, covered with 30mm terrazzo tiles, washed surface). In addition to stairway elements we also produce other architectural concrete elements, such as wall elements with polished concrete surface (terrazzo) or graphic concrete surface.


Our mission is to be a professional, trustworthy and flexible partner to our customers.
Our vision is to become a leader in architectural concrete manufacturing in the Baltic.


The personnell of OÜ Scaleter have professional background from prefabricated concrete elements production in management experience as well as technical expertise.


Completely wishing to fulfill the expectations of our customers, we have set the quality requirements of our products to a much higher standard than is required by the usual expectations of our target customers.

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