Performed work

Project: Perrongen – Sweden
Time: 2017-2019
Work: Terrazzo stairs and -landings; Terrazzo curved stairs

Project: Hotell Marriott – Finland
Time: 2018-2019
Work: Terrazzo stairs and -ladings; Spiral stairs

Project: Broparken – Sweden
Time: 2018
Work: Terrazzo walls; Stairs; Curved stairs

Project: Espoon Oodi – Finland
Time: 2017-2018
Work: Graphic walls

Project: Klovinseppa – Finland
Time: 2017-2018
Work: Graphic walls

Project: Curved stairs – various projects
Time: 2017-2018

Project: Kristalli and Laseri street in Tartu – Estonia
Time: 2017-2019
Work: Stairs; Landings

Project: Kurekivi – Estonia
Time: 2017
Work: Terrazzo stair steps

Stair steps and small elements
Time: 2017-2018

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